Malaysia-Japan Joint International Conference 2015 (MJJIC2015)

MJJIC2015, Nov. 13 - 15, 2015, Yamaguchi University, Ube, Yamaguchi, JAPAN

Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management, Yamaguchi University(YU-MOT)

Yamaguchi University



Dr.Ken Kaminisihi

Welcome to Malaysia Japan Joint International Conference 2015 (MJJIC2015), Yamaguchi University and Ube! It is our privilege to host MJJIC2015, the fourth academic event jointly arranged by Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT) and Japan University Consortium (JUC).

This event was called MJIIT-JUC Joint International Symposium (MJJIS) in the past three times. A lot of graduate students and young researchers from MJIIT and JUC member universities got together and stipulated each other by exchanging the hottest research outcomes. The symposium has nurtured mutual understanding and friendship among them and triggered student exchange and joint research. It should be good chance of expanding our horizon and cultivating this event to be a major opportunity for interaction between Malaysian and Japanese researchers based on the strong foundation built along the way. We change from MJIIS to MJJIC with this view in mind. I believe young researchers who participate MJJIC2015 will play key roles in facilitating collaboration between Malaysia and Japan in the near future.

Ube has been recognized for its effort (called "Ube method") to address pollution problems and achieve sustainable city development through industry, university and local government cooperation from the middle of 20th century. For its outstanding achievement, the city was awarded "Global 500 Award" from the United Nations Environment Programme in 1997. Although it is hardly to observe, participants may think about the efforts of our predecessors and give another thought to how technology helps develop better society by walking around the city.

I hope many students and researchers come and enjoy MJJIC 2015!

Prof. Dr. Ken Kaminisihi
Head of Asian Innovation Center,
Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management
Executive Advisor to the President,
Yamaguchi University

Welcome from Co-Chair of MJJIC2015

Dr.Rubiyah Binti Yusof

Welcome to the 5th Malaysia-Japan Joint International Conference 2015 (MJJIC2015). On behalf of Malaysia Japan International Institute of Technology (MJIIT), I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Yamaguchi University for organizing MJJIC2015 this year.

MJJIC2015 provides a platform for academics, researchers and postgraduate students from MJIIT, JUC members and ASEAN countries to exchange research ideas. With participation by a large number of young researchers, I am sure that it can be a platform for new collaborative ventures and strategic alliances to gain better insights into engineering research and technology innovation to harness our strength and synergies to bring further prosperity to our nations.

As the future becomes more competitive and challenging, we need to remain relevant and maintain our performance for continuous improvement in research & education. As such, this conference is most significant as we explore and share ideas to further enhance our research.

Have a rewarding and fruitful conference.

Prof. Datin Dr. Rubiyah Binti Yusof
University Teknologi Malaysia

Dr.Fuminori Kobayashi

We would like to welcome all the conference participants forming the essential part of this conference. Please make full use of this opportunity, not only to promote your research, but also to facilitate human networking with other researchers, especially from different countries.

This is the fourth in series of jointly-organized gathering between MJIIT and supporting Japanese universities. When it started in 2012, MJIIT was still in an initial stage. But this year, undergraduate programs had first-batch graduates and the number of postgraduate students reached 250. We will be happy if you feel, while watching presentations, some degree of growth in the development of MJIIT.

I'd like to close this message by highlighting the meaning of MJJIC. Up until last year MJ had stood for MJIIT-JUC, but this time Malaysia-Japan, based on our hope of possible participants from wider background. By taking this opportunity of changing name, we really hope that MJJIC be growing toward an important academic plaza for young researchers in Japan and ASEAN countries.

Prof. Dr. Fuminori Kobayashi
Deputy Dean, MJIIT
University Teknologi Malaysia