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Message from alumni

Marshitah Tajudin

The decision that I made to study in Japan is definitely a treasured one. As a working professional, I gained insights of the Japanese business and technical culture; not just theoretical but also practical-wise. The courses taught are in line with current trend and the lecturers are very knowledgeable, helpful and inspiring, I had the chance to experience my first international conference and had built a relationship with Japanese managers of various backgrounds. I definitely benefit in both professionally and inter-personally from my 2 years' time in Japan.


•On-campus residential facility

"Ube International House" in Tokiwa campus provides residential accommodation for international students.

• Off-campus rental housing

Real estate agents offer a variety of housing custom-built for students. A staff of International Students Office will go together with you to real estate agents and helps you find an apartment. Average monthly rent is about 25,000 yen but it varies according to its location and room condition.


At the University Health Service Center, a doctor and nurses provide emergency medical care and regular medical examinations. They are also available for advice on matters regarding your physical and mental health.

National Health Insurance

All international students have to join the National Health Insurance Program. You need to pay the insurance premiums. However, you pay only 30% of the total medical fee when receiving medical treatment. The alumni association "Tokiwa-Kogyokai" also supports a part of the insurance premiums for self-financed international students.

Food shopping

Students will find a range of places for eating and meeting friends, and shopping at the University's Co-op shops. The university restaurant provides various foods with homemade tastes.
Living Expenses

Sports and recreation facilities

Campus has a gymnasium and a tennis court.

Support for International Students

Support for International Students

Social and Academic Activities

Social and Academic Activities