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1. Scholarship provided by the Japanese government

The Japanese government selects students who want this scholarship. The selected research students are paid 160,000 yen per month and all the school expenses (the first year, 170,000). The selections in Japan are done by each faculty during the latter part of August and the beginning of October. A certain number of students are selected every year.

2. Scholarship provided by JASSO

JASSO gives a scholarship to some students studying at their own expenses and the students who got excellent scores but are in a financial problem. The length of support is one year. Undergraduates are paid 50,000 yen per month, graduate students (including research students) are paid 70,000 yen per month. The selections are done in April and about 30 international students get this scholarship every year.

3. YUTAKA scholarship (A) and (B)

The purpose of this scholarship is to support the international students financially.

(A) The length of support is one year. 50,000 yen is paid per month. (for 2 students every year)
(B) The length of support is 10 months. 20,000 yen is paid per month. (for 4 students every year)