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YUMOT was accredited by ABEST21 in March 2015.

About ABEST21 Accreditation

ABEST21 accreditation aims to guarantee the quality of education and research at business schools focused at the development of highly qualified professionals engaged in the organizational management of business enterprises, etc., including business administration, technology management, the management of information systems, finance, etc. Furthermore, ABEST21 accreditation promotes the school's proactive approach to improving and developing its educational and research activities through PDCA cycle, on the premise of its own independent self-check/self-evaluation and an objective analysis through peer review. In the age of rapid globalization, nurturing highly skilled professionals in the area of international business is a task of pressing urgency for Asian countries in particular. Therefore, ABEST21 aims to review the quality of management education in business schools through its accreditation process.

(Excerpted from ABEST21 HP

YUMOT accreditation result