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Educational philosophy and aims

The management of technology (MOT) refers to "creative and strategic innovation management by which technology-oriented corporations and organizations can continuously create business for the next generations and ensure their continued growth." MOT education aspires to cultivate critical professional management skills in research and technology development for the purpose of vitalization and sustainable development of industries. We aim to nurture business persons who would address their own challenges and explore optimal resource utilization both from regional and global perspectives, based on holistic and interdisciplinary knowledge, literacy and ethics for enabling continual innovations.


We foster human resources, referring to as "MOTist", who have a high ethical standard and can address the issues from a global perspective yet settling down in the region.


Our school strives to be the first choice for those who would like to become MOTist and those who educate and research MOT.

Mid and long-term vision

Our school is aiming to be first choice for those who would like to become MOTist in West Japan as well as in East and Southeast Asia.

We receive students from technology-based corporations and organizations leading West Japan economy and undertake education so that each student can address the issues in his/her own corporations and organizations from a global perspective.

Additionally, we admit foreign students, particularity from East and Southeast Asia, who aspire to become MOTist and provide them with opportunity for benefiting from cutting edge MOT education while having contact with Japanese industries.

Moreover, we facilitate cross-cultural understanding between Japanese students and international students. This enables not only Japanese students to feel dynamism of emerging Asian countries and get some ideas to revitalize industries of West Japan, but also international students to acknowledge insight and perspective directly from experienced Japanese students.

Our school sets out to be an attractive graduate school for those who would like to become MOTist being active particularly in West Japan or in Asia by enhancing our reputation through implementation of those educational efforts.

Our school develops and implements strategies for education, research and administration which are essential to accomplish our vision.

Diploma Policy

Graduate School of Innovation and Technology Management, Yamaguchi University (YUMOT) aspires to nurture MOT-ist who is capable of bringing forth creative achievements by addressing problems from multifaceted perspectives of technology and management. YUMOT grants a "Master of Technology Management (professional)" diploma to those who fulfill the academic requirements; (a) completing designated duration of the study, (b) earning predetermined credits, (c) acquiring the knowledge and skills below and (d) passing the final examination.

Comprehensive capability in common

1. Capability to learn/understand the role of innovation and the methodology to initiate innovation in a multidisciplinary manner and to apply/exploit the knowledge to practice in a proactive manner.

2. Capability to cultivate the attitude to accomplish business activities by cooperating with others while having high ethics and to serve society.

Specific capability, acquiring at least any one of the followings

3. Capability to learn the necessary knowledge to execute research and development and/or business activities in an organized way, to figure out the problems confronting oneself and to rationally and efficiently address the problems.

4. Capability to learn/understand the principles of economic law and the valuation method correctly and to lead the achievement of business activities to economic value.

5. Capability to understand the importance of intellectual property, to acquire the mechanism and approach to let the intellectual property support business implementation and to create and secure one's own idea.

6. Capability to understand diverse society and culture as well as to develop research hypothesis, to design and implement a research project for enabling oneself to play an important role in global fields.