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Educational philosophy and aims

The management of technology (MOT) refers to "creative and strategic innovation management by which technology-oriented corporations and organizations can continuously create business for the next generations and ensure their continued growth." MOT education aspires to cultivate critical professional management skills in research and technology development for the purpose of vitalization and sustainable development of industries. We aim to nurture business persons who would address their own challenges and explore optimal resource utilization both from regional and global perspectives, based on holistic and interdisciplinary knowledge, literacy and ethics for enabling continual innovations.

Admission Policy

We are looking for,
  • Students who would like to initiate innovation and exploit its outcome.
  • Students who aspire to achieve value creation and business problem solving strategically by taking advantage of technology as well as are willing to run business on their own or assist top management or take part in management in the future.
  • Students who ambitiously pursue to start their own business or improve their performance of business and duty by dint of creating and exploiting intellectual property and applying and systematizing accumulated work experience.

Graduation Policy

We conduct education so that students can fulfill the following five conditions before they complete the course.
  • Students are supposed to understand significance and historic role of innovation and proactively take part in innovative activities by applying acquired practical methodology.
  • Students are supposed to undertake their business activities with high ethic views so that they will be able to contribute to both regional and international community.
  • Students are supposed to acknowledge importance of intellectual property, acquire skills to exploit it for their business and also try to originate their own ideas.
  • Students are supposed to understand correctly the principles of economic law and the measuring method of economic value to connect a result of a business activity with economic value.
  • Students are supposed to understand correctly the challenges in doing R&D as well as business in organizational manner and acquire necessary capabilities to fulfill their vocation rationally and effectively.