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What is MOT?

Management of technology (MOT) refers to management by which technology-basedcorporations and organizations can create economic value and ensure their continued growth by assessing the potential of technologies and developing them into businesses.

Quoted from a Guide to MOT in Japan, 2005

Technology management is a corporate management utilizing technologies.
It consists of (1) technology strategy, (2) technology marketing, (3) innovation, (4) R&D, (5) technological organization, (6) technological risk management, and (7) knowledge management.

Quoted from Technology Management, Kiyoshi Niwa, 2006

Human Resource Cultivation

MOT cultivates human resources who
  • stand upon integrated / multidisciplinary knowledge and high ethical standards
  • explore optimal resource utilization from not only regional but also global perspective
  • conduct management research for the purpose of creating sustainable innovations
  • fuse universal principles and cutting-edge knowledge in the field of science, technology, and business administration

Our Recognition

Compared to MBA, MOT puts emphasis on technology.
Especially YUMOT sticks to manufacturing

Mega-manufacturing firms can develop their own MOT program.
cf. DAIKIN Business School, Hitachi Institute of Management Development, etc.

However, the other companies, especially, SMEs cannot do it.

  • Re-educates mid-career professionals from manufacturing industry
  • Trains highly skilled workers

Feature of Education In YUMOT

Practice education is in close contact with field

Reflect region industry characteristics in practice education

  • Material industry
    • management training which target at industrial complex.
  • Machine industry
    • Education of advanced creating products used by Analysis-led Design(ALD)