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Living Expenses

Below are rough estimates of living expenses in the Yamaguchi and Ube areas. It is relatively inexpensive compared with living in larger cities.

Example of Living Expenses

CategoriesAmount (Approx.)
Rents 24,000yen
Food 28,000yen
Utilities (gas, electricity, water) 10,000yen
Communications (telephone, Internet) 8,000yen
Learning materials 6,500yen
Others (entertainment, etc.) 6,000yen
Total 82,500yen

Dormitory of Yamaguchi University

Student Center allows the extension of the stay, students can stay longer. When students start to live there, a deposit fee is required.

The Number of Rooms and Their Rents

BuildingsType of roomsNumber of roomsMonthly rentsDeposit
Yamaguchi International House (Yoshida Campus) No.1 Singles 36 11,200yen 20,000yen
Couples 4 17,900yen 30,000yen
Families 3 26,800yen 40,000yen
No.2 Single A 16 16,200yen 20,000yen
Single B 9 19,200yen 20,000yen
Single C 3 20,000yen 20,000yen
Ube International House (Tokiwa Campus) Singles Singles 33 11,200yen 25,000yen
House holds Couples 6 17,900yen 35,000yen
Families 8 26,800yen 45,000yen

There are many apartments around Yamaguchi University. The average rents of apartments are as follows, though the rents differ according to the years after the construction of the building and facilities furnished.

Rent for private apartment

space of roomsfacilitiesrents
6-tatami(mat) room sharing bath, toilet, kitchen 12,000~35,000yen
6-tatami room and kitchen with bath and toilet 25,000~40,000yen
7~8-tatami room and kitchen with bath and toilet 35,000~50,000yen
8~12-tatami room and kitchen with bath and toilet 43,000~65,000yen