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MOT Core Curriculum

MOT Core Curriculum

  • To guarantee the attainment level of the graduates
  • 10 MOT universities and 5 enterprises discussed


Our policy: to cultivate internationally competent people under the cooperation with foreign universities

Ube Classroom (Head)
  • Course materials improving the international business competitiveness
  • Lectures in English
  • Enrollment in the fall
Hiroshima and Fukuoka Classrooms (Wings)
  • Wings of MOT education for business people in Western Japan


To improve the quality of MOT-Education and respond to social demand, it is thought to be necessary to develop educational content to be offered by MOT professional graduate schools in common and transmit it to society. In March 2010, the Core Curriculum for MOT-Education (hereinafter referred to as Core Curriculum 2010 Edition) was established based on discussions among the member schools of the Japan Association of Professional Graduate Schools of Technology Management (J-MOT Association) and opinions from the industrial world. The core curriculum, which was created as the basis of MOT education courses in Japan, indicates the content that all MOT professional graduate school students are supposed to learn, serving as a reference for curriculums that those schools design. The Core Curriculum 2010 Edition has been used by several MOT professional graduate schools to design their course subjects and played an important role in accreditation.


MOT Core Curriculum pamphlet [PDF: 1.1MB]