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Admission Policy

We are looking for,

  • Students who would like to initiate innovation and exploit its outcome.
  • Students who aspire to achieve value creation and business problem solving strategically by taking advantage of technology as well as are willing to run business on their own or assist top management or take part in management in the future.
  • Students who ambitiously pursue to start their own business or improve their performance of business and duty by dint of creating and exploiting intellectual property and applying and systematizing accumulated work experience.

Admission Procedure

October 2020 Admission <TBA>

Admission Office

Engineering Department Admission Office,
Faculty of Engineering, Yamaguchi University

TEL: +81-836-85-9012


Administrative Office

YUMOT Office,
Graduate School of Innovation & Technology Management, Yamaguchi University

TEL: +81-836-85-9876